Slide Hollywood heroes at our studio The Hollywood characters like Superman, Batman, Tom and Jerry are universally popular. Especially amongst the kids and teenagers. We were asked to design fragrance packaging for children based on these characters. This range is recently launched and turning out to be good sellers. Slide Sporty fragrances for active men "Head" is a well-known global brand for sports equipments mainly tennis and Ski. We designed their first line of toiletries. The branding approach was strong but simple. Where their famous logo was presented in different colours to differentiate the variants. The products made a strong impact as soon as they appeared on the supermarket shelves. These are now selling all over the UK as well as abroad. Slide Sporty fragrances for active women Following the success of the men's deodorants (previous page). We designed a range for women. Here, the "fresh air" was our theme, where we created breeze flowing across on white bottles. The overall impact was light & fresh but colourful enough to make the visual appeal. Slide The spirit of football into the fragrance "Umbro" is a global brand known for premium football kits. We designed these fragrances especially for the football fans in Europe. The bottles & cartons were shaped like the Umbro logo, which relate the product instantly with the brand. The outer packs have stylish graphics of footballers in action. The branding is distinctive, when the bottles and the cartons are seen together. Slide The packaging that bites This is one of our latest perfume packaging. Based on the Adam, Eve and the apple theme. We created this contemporary bottle to ooze out temptation on the shelves. Dominated by the luminous lime green colour, the bottle is visible from far and inviting when you are near. Slide The beauty of serenity This elegant bottle is designed using the pearl and the sea as the theme. There is a real pearl sitting inside the transparent top. Which is meant to be a "show-stopper". Slide Let's fly away The theme for this men's fragrance is "Travel". We have added an element of luxury by using leather on the bottle and the carton. Slide Designed for the fun-loving guys n' girls This packaging is designed to look and feel sporty and fun. The glass bottle is sealed under an aluminium shell to look unique and attractive.