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Let us add that “WOW” to your product

Plus One Design specialises in product branding & packaging.

Our aim is to add visual excitement to your product as well as to make it user-friendly.

We design packaging that creates communication and attraction on the shop floor.

The attraction leads eventually to the sale and the success of the product.


“Packaging Design” is an intricate combination of structural design and graphic design. We do both under one roof. Not only does it help to keep the projects confidential, it also reduces the development time and cost, as we work on both these areas simultaneously.

Market evaluation

Creation of a new brand or product involves a thorough market evaluation including the study of the competitive products & packaging, USP and position. It is our standard procedure to digest this information, before we get into any form of creation.

Total expertise

Whether it is a glass bottle, a plastic jar or a metal box, we have the knowledge of the manufacturing process and how to design it to be most cost effective for production. We combine our engineering expertise and creative skill to make the product attractive, as well as user friendly.