Slide Italian olives get a face-lift The Olive Oil packaging design project involved both the bottle and the graphics. Our objective was to uplift the brand image by using "simplicity" as the creative route. The result was a slim, elegant but wide-bodied bottle, which stood out from the crowd. Three variants of the olive oil were distinguished by the colour-coordinated label-graphics and the matching shades of the bottles. Slide Very old, but alive and kicking We had designed the graphics for these Indian pickles fifteen years ago. When we asked the owners, if they were considering updating the labels, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that they felt the graphics were still up to date and unique and hence, they would not change anything. An ornamental graphic background, overlapped by clear product description is serving the purpose very well in terms of brand communication on the shelves, as well as product differentiation. Slide Wholesome for the health-conscious Our client in Israel requested us come up with new packaging for a range of snacks that are made of 100% natural ingredients. So we made this "health" message very clearly visible on these warm and inviting packs. Slide Tasty, crispy but healthy pretzels These products are targeted to attract teenagers and young adults as the alternative snacks to fried potato crisps. These are baked and made with 100% natural ingredients. We have made these messages clear on the face of the packs and applied the "Urban & Streetwise" style of graphics to attract the young generation.